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Osho Meditation Dictionary - Beauty

Osho Meditation Dictionary - Beauty

Beauty is not an objective quality; it does not belong to things. It is the loving eye that imparts it, that creates it. Beauty is a creation of love.

Excerpted from 'The Rainbow Bridge' by Osho

Beauty is not something physical only; basically it is spiritual. And unless it is spiritual, the physical does not last long. It is only a facade; it is so formal that it can't mean much.

People fall in love for two reasons. One is physical beauty. If somebody falls in love because of physical beauty he is going to be disappointed soon, because after two, three days — just two, three days — the physical beauty will be taken for granted. Inside there is hollowness and there is no inner beauty, no depth. Hence people who fall in love with physical beauty are continuously disappointed, frustrated, but they don't see the point, where they are failing.

Unless one learns how to fall in love with spiritual beauty, love remains unfulfilled. Once you have fallen in love with spiritual beauty there is no end to it. It has infinite depth: you can go on falling and falling and falling and you will never come to the bottom of it. Only then is love a fulfillment.

Search for spiritual beauty, and that, in other words, is the search for God.

Excerpted from 'The Shadow of the Bamboo' by Osho

The sannyasin has to search for the real source of beauty. The real source of beauty is the explosion that happens when you reach the center of your being. The moment you touch that center, suddenly there is an explosion of joy. Every cell of your being starts dancing, every fiber of your existence starts vibrating in an unknown, mysterious melody. And then there is beauty.

That beauty has depth, that beauty has something divine in it. It cannot be taken away, it cannot be destroyed because it is not something painted on from the outside, it has grown from within.

Excerpted from 'Going All The Way' by Osho

Beauty is the first glimpse of the divine. Wherever you see beauty, remember you are on holy ground. Wherever. I say: in a human face, in a child's eye, in a lotus flower, or in the wings of a bird in flight, in the rainbow, or in a silent rock. Wherever you see beauty, remember, you are on holy ground — God is close.

Excerpted from 'Come Follow Me' , Vol. III by Osho