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Osho Meditation Dictionary - Dance

Osho Meditation Dictionary - Dance

When you dance meditatively your dance starts having a new flavor — something of the divine enters into it — because if you are dancing meditatively then the ego disappears, the dancer disappears. That is the whole art of meditation: disappearance of the ego, disappearance of the mind. The dancer becomes thoughtless, silent. The dance continues and the dancer disappears. This is what I call the divine quality: now it is as if God is dancing through you, you are no more there.

One of the greatest dancers of this age was Nijinsky, and there must have happened in him, by coincidence, a certain synthesis between dance and meditation. He was not the master of it, because he had never learned the art of meditation.

It must have happened just as a consequence of his total effort to go into dance, his total commitment. And a miracle used to happen once in a while: Nijinsky would take such high jumps, leaps in the air, which are not physically possible because of the gravitation of the earth.

And the spectators were simply mystified; they would miss a few heartbeats. It was a miracle to see Nijinsky moving, as if there was no gravitation — he would take such high leaps and so easily!

And the second thing was, when he started descending he would come like a feather comes — very slowly, as if there is no hurry, as if the gravitation is not pulling him like a magnet. It is, according to scientific rules, impossible, but what can you do when it is happening? Even scientists observed Nijinsky and they were puzzled.

Again and again Nijinsky was asked, "How do you manage it?" He said, "That I cannot say, because when it happens I am not there. I have tried to manage it and I have always failed. Whenever I try to manage it, it doesn't happen. Once in a while when I forget myself completely, when I am utterly abandoned, it happens. It happens on its own; I cannot manage it. I cannot say that tomorrow it will happen. You are not the only one who is surprised. When it happens, I myself am surprised, utterly surprised, because I become weightless."

Excerpted from ‘I Am That’ by Osho

Dancing is an experiment, an experiment to bring your body, your mind, your soul, in tune. Dance is one of the most rhythmic phenomena. If you are really dancing there is no other activity which creates such unity. If you are sitting, the body is not used; then you use only your mind.

If you are running very fast, your life is in danger, then you use your body and you don't use your mind. In dance your are neither sitting nor running for your life. It is movement, a joyful movement. The body is moving, the energy is flowing, the mind is moving, the mind is flowing. And when these two things are flowing they melt into each other. You become psychosomatic. A certain alchemy starts happening.

That's why you see a new kind of grace on the face of the dancer, it is alchemical — the body - mind meeting, merging, the body-mind becoming one tune, one rhythm, one harmony. When this harmony has happened then the third, the soul, starts entering into it. The soul can enter into your existence only when your body and mind are no longer in conflict, when your body and mind are deep in love, embracing, hugging each other... that's what happens in dance. Then immediately you will find the third entering also. When the body-mind is really in harmony, when the two are no more two, the third enters. For the first time you become a trinity, a trimurti. Those are the three faces of God.

Excerpted from ‘Sufis: The People Of The Path’, Vol. I by Osho

There is nothing like dance as far as meditation is concerned. So you have one of the most blessed vocations available to humanity. Your very work can become your meditation. So now dance with the idea that it has to be not just technically correct — that's okay; technically it has to be correct. But it has to be meditative. Bring a quality of silence into it. And while you are dancing, rather than manipulating yourself, relax; relax into it, let things happen. Rather than making them happen, rather than creating them, let them happen. Be more innocent in it, others will enjoy more.

Wherever there is innocence, the door to the divine opens... and a dancer can do immense work. Now you will be my sannyasin, so dance as a sannyasin should dance. And provoke God before you go into dance.

Remember me, and just think that you are dancing for God, not for ordinary people. God is your audience, and you have to disappear in the dance. When there is no ego and the dance is pure, then you will know exactly what it is for the first time.

All the old religions of the world were dancing religions. By and by they have disappeared, and instead of the dancing religions very dull and dead churches have arisen. I want to bring all paganism back into religion — all the dance and celebration and the song. All kinds of wild joys have to be brought back into religion; only they can infuse spirit into it. Otherwise it is dead and people are just carrying its corpse.

Sooner or later it has to be buried or burned unless we can bring wild joy back into religion…

So dance!

Excerpted from ‘Don't Just Do Something, Sit There’ by Osho

The religious person is one who has seen the fact that existence is not problematic; it is mysterious, it is miraculous. You dive deep into it. Celebrate it! Make a festival out of it. Sing, dance, love, pray, paint, create music — but don't try to solve it.

The musician is much closer than the philosopher; so is the poet much closer than the philosopher; so is the dancer even closer than the musician and the poet. Why is the dancer so much closer? Because in the dance you dissolve: the dancer disappears and only the dance remains.

Dance is one of the deepest meditations possible. In India we have conceived of God as the dancer, Nataraj. That's very significant, because when a painter paints, immediately he becomes separate from the painting. If the painting remains in his being, he is one with it. When it is yet hidden, just a seed, just a thought, a dream, then the painter is one with his painting. The moment he has painted it, poured it on the canvas, he has become separate from it. Duality has arisen. So is it the case with the poet, so is it the case with the musician.

Only the dancer has something unique: the dancer remains one with the dance. Even when he starts dancing, the unity is not broken, there is no duality. Utter oneness. In fact, when the dancer is thinking about the dance there is a duality — the idea of the dance and the dancer — there is a subtle duality. The moment he starts dancing even that duality disappears. Then the dancer is the dance. There is no dancer separate from the dance, no dance separate from the dancer. This is unio mystica.

God is a dancer. That means he has not painted the world; othenvise he would have become separate from it. It is not his poetry; it is not his music. It is his dance. He is in it, he is it — right this very moment, these green trees, and the sun pouring its gold through them, and the call of the bird, and you sitting in silence, just being with me for no particular reason, just enjoying this moment, this silence. This is it.

Excerpted from ‘The Secret’ by Osho

Dance is immensely valuable. Dancing should become a natural phenomenon for everybody. It was once; it is still in very primitive people. It is not that a few people dance — there are no dancers; everybody is a dancer. Dancing is a general activity, like breathing. There are still tribes, small tribes in India in deep forests; their whole life is dance. They cannot believe that there are people who don't dance, because they cannot believe how you can live without dancing! Life will be almost nil.

Their whole life revolves around dance. Each and everything becomes an excuse for dance. Each night is a dancing night and the whole tribe dances; small children, women, men, old women... no barriers of age. Dance is for all because dance is equivalent to life. Man has missed much.

Bertrand Russell has said somewhere that he was always in favor of civilization, culture; he was a rational man. But when he came across a primitive tribe in Africa his whole idea of civilization simply fell down flat on the ground, and he started feeling very jealous. He writes, "In that moment I was ready to drop all culture and all civilization if I could know how to dance again."

My sannyasins have all to be dancers, and no excuse should be missed; each excuse has to be used as an opportunity to dance. Somebody's birthday, dance; somebody has died, dance. Somebody is ill, dance around him. Somebody is going for a journey, give him a farewell dance. Somebody is coming; welcome him with a dance. Make it a point that the more you dance, the more you are in tune with God.

When you dance it is God who dances in you; that's why it is so beautiful. Whenever you dance you are no more separate, you don't have a split. You are no more body-mind; you are no more this and that. You don't have alternatives.

All alternatives disappear, all dualities disappear. In fact there is no dancer and the dance; there is only dance!

Excerpted from ‘Only Losers Can Win In This Game’ by Osho