Từ điển Thiền Osho - Eating - Ăn

Osho Meditation Dictionary - Eating

If you are eating, then let your whole consciousness be that of taste, of smell. Forget everything else! Then even ordinary bread may taste like the most delicious food possible. But you are not present.

Look at people eating — they are talking, there are people who are listening to the radio or watching the TV. I have heard about stupid Americans even making love while watching the TV! — what to say about eating? Why miss? You can do both the things — you can make love and you can go on watching the TV. Now, neither will you be watching the TV nor will you be making love; you will not be able to enjoy either, you will miss both. There are people who cannot eat if they don't have company to talk and gossip and discuss with. When you are talking you go on swallowing — swallowing is not eating.

Eating should be meditative, prayerful. You should be more respectful to food because it is life, it is nourishment. And then a thousand and one problems arise out of it. Because while you are eating you are reading the newspaper or quarrelling with the wife or listening to the radio or looking at the TV or talking to a friend or holding the phone, you will miss the joy of eating. You will eat more because your taste buds will not feel fulfilled and contented. Then you will gather unnecessary fat in the body. Then one has to start dieting, fasting, naturopathy and all kinds of nonsense follow. But the simple thing that should have been done in the first place was: just eating and not doing anything else.

When Lin Chi was asked, "What is your meditation?" he said, "When I eat I simply eat, and when I sleep I simply sleep. When I walk I simply walk."

The person who was asking said, "But this is what we all do."

Lin Chi said, "No, that's not what you do. When you are eating you go on doing a thousand and one things too. I know it because I was just like you before I became enlightened. I lived in the same mad and stupid way, so I know how you are living. Don't say to me that this is what everybody does."

The most stupid thing in life is to live half-heartedly, because the moment that is gone is gone forever. But people are living so unconsciously that it is almost impossible for them to be conscious of what they are doing.

Excerpted from ‘Zen: The Special Transmission’ by Osho