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Gurus and disciples are mind phenomena. Because your mind needs gurus, there are gurus. You create them. Because you want to be taught, there are teachers. You need them.

This is a game. When I say marriage is a game, don't think that I would not say that "guru and disciples" is not a game. It is a game. Some people enjoy it, so they play it. If you enjoy it, play it deeply; if you don't enjoy it, forget it. But this is one of the most beautiful of games. It goes even deeper than marriage.

It is one of the most beautiful, most refined of games — and only when a culture reaches the peak does this game develop, never before. So, really, only in India has the game developed. The game of the guru and the disciple came into being here. Now the West is discovering it for the first time because now the West is reaching to a peak. This game is the most luxurious. It is not ordinary, so only people who can afford it can play it. And if you know that this is a beautiful game and you enjoy it, you can play it. But don't get serious about it. And disciples can be forgiven if they are serious, but when teachers are serious it is absurd. It cannot be forgiven if they are not even aware that this is a game.

In reality all games disappear, but for the mind, games exist. By this I am not saying that you should stop playing, I am only saying that you should become aware that this is a play and then if you enjoy it go on playing it. If you don't enjoy it, then stop. Once you become aware that everything in life, every relationship, is a sort of game, you are already free, because you are in bondage only because of the seriousness. You are in bondage because you think everything is so serious. Nothing is so serious. But it is difficult to conceive of this whole life as a game.

Why is it so difficult? Because then the ego falls flat. If everything is a game, the ego cannot stand. The ego needs food. Seriousness is the food. It feeds on it. So when you become a disciple, if you are just playing, your ego cannot get strong through it because you know that this is a play… But you cannot understand non-seriousness. The ego doesn't know that language. Every religion is born as a play, and every religion becomes a church, very serious, deadly serious. Every religion is born as a dance, as a song, as a festivity, and then everything goes dead and serious. Religion cannot be serious really. It must be ecstatic. It must be the highest peak of bliss. How can it be serious?

But this is how it will be always. When I am no more, you will turn it into a serious thing. You will give explanations of what the real meaning is. But the real meaning is always obvious, there is no need to give any explanation.

All explanations are to explain away — to bring in something which was not there. Gurus, disciples, awakened ones and ignorant ones. This is a great play, a cosmic play. Ignorant ones need awakened ones; awakened ones cannot play solo, alone — they need ignorant ones. But the Master knows that this is a play and is not serious about it.

Excerpted from ‘The Book Of The Secrets, Vol. V’ by Osho

I was never interested in any game. When I was in high school my principal called me. He said, "You never participate in any game."

I said, "You show me any intelligent game and I will participate."

He said, "What do you mean, 'intelligent game'?"

I said, "This volleyball is so foolish. Why should I throw the ball over the net to the other side and they throw it to my side. They can have one ball, I can have one ball. They go home, I go home. Keep your balls and do whatsoever you want to do with them — hug them, kiss them! Why this nonsense? And what is there so much excitement about? I can't see any point in it!" '

He looked at me, puzzled. He said, "Your point is right, but I have never looked at it from this angle. Yes, what exactly is the excitement about? But please don't say it to anybody. If you don't want to participate, don't participate, but keep quiet. Don't destroy others' joys."

So I was the only one in my school who was freed on the condition that I would not tell anybody that this was all nonsense, that I would not propagate my idea.

Excerpted from ‘Tao: The Golden Gate, Vol. 1’ by Osho

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