Từ điển Thiền Osho - India - Ấn Độ

Osho Meditation Dictionary – India

By India I don't mean the land, I don't mean the geography, I don't mean the political map. By India I mean the adventure of the Buddhas, the exploration of thousands and thousands of years into the inner world of man. India represents the inner search, the inner quest.

It is a symbolic name. It has nothing to do with the politics, the history, the geography, the boundaries of a country. It has nothing to do with time and space, but it has something to do with the ultimate quest of man, the quest to know "Who am I?" That is the only contribution that the East has given to human consciousness. Just as the West has given science, the East has given religion.

And India has been the very heart of the East. Everything that has happened in the East started happening through India. And it still remains an undercurrent; it is still alive, not dead. Of course from the surface everything has disappeared.

Now on the surface India is just an ugly, poor, starving country; but in the innermost core something of Buddha, something of Krishna, something of Patanjali still continues. It cannot die, it is eternal. As long as man lives on the earth that India cannot die.

Whenever one is searching for God one belongs to that India. In that sense Jesus is an Indian, and so is Mohammed and so is Francis — offshoots of the same quest, but the roots are in this country, in this part, and those roots have not died yet. Maybe the tree has been cut and you cannot see any foliage, no fruits any more, no flowers any more, but the roots are still alive.

My whole work here is to bring new shoots, new foliage. Those roots have to be nourished, and the whole world can be transformed. The world needs that transformation — utterly needs it, urgently needs it. There has never been such an urgency. Man will not live, if the quest for the soul is not revived man cannot live.

By the end of this century we will have to decide either to commit suicide, a global suicide, or to move to a new plane of humanity, to drop all politics, to drop all nations, to drop all isms, and to created a humanity which is religious, simply religious — neither Hindu nor Chrisitan nor Mohammedan — to create a humanity that is constantly enquiring into the ultimate. In that very enquiry one becomes transformed, one becomes luminous.

Excerpted from ‘Just Around The Corner’ by Osho